Utah Department of Alcohol and Beverage Control maintains a central warehouse in Salt Lake City, Utah. Pallets of liquor and wine are moved by forklifts and pallet lifts on a constant basis, as you can imagine. When moving pallets to a seperate pick-up warehouse for club orders, the lift operators had to constantly climb off their lifts and press buttons to open and close the roll up doors. With the tres433 Active Tag RFID System, the doors open automatically when an authorized lift operator (see Jeremy Blain below with tres433 tag on a lanyard around his neck) approaches the doors. This use of RFID technology also insures that the warehouse doors do not remain open, as often was the case when operators were required to dismount every time they needed to open/close an overhead door.
Installed by Wasatch Controls 
Mike Skinner - (801) 433-2640


Chris Nugent and Kevin Johnson from American Alarm and Communications needed a solution for a customer that had lengthy single lane driveways with two way traffic and the possibility of vehicles colliding in these driveways, especially when they were snowy and icy.  Their ingenious solution to this problem involved the use of traffic lights controlled by tres433 Active RF tags mounted inside of the vehicles authorized entry into the parking area. If a vehicle is exiting from the garage, that vehicles' tag will be read by the tres433 Receiver causing the traffic light facing the incoming/turning traffic to be red so that incoming traffic will not enter the driveway. When an incoming vehicle approaches the driveway and there is no conflicting traffic, the control panel will recognize the associated tag read and the light will turn green, while the light facing any exiting traffic inside the facility will turn red. This solution not only provides the level of safety demanded by the customer, but also can provide an audit trail of who arrived or left the parking facility and when. 
Installed by:
American Alarm and Communications
Arlington, MA
Chris Nugent
(781) 859-2014