tres900-PRGMR - Field Programmer

Custom Program any EPC/G2 tag or inlay with 26 bit Wiegand data (facility/site code & ID number) .... or .... open format 24 character hexadecimel .... or ..... WPS format.
When these custom programmed EPC/G2 tags are used with our tres900 readers, you get a true native wiegand output without the need for conversion modules or translation tables!
Take advantage of the hundreds of form factors and lower costs associated with EPC/G2 inlays and tags without sacrificing the custom programmability that your organization needs.

Program your tags or ours - the ultimate in flexibility!

Eliminate the long lead time associated with custom UHF tags - the ultimate in customer service!
Programmer software is intuitve and easy to use - automatically increments tag numbers - tests and verifies programming as it programs - read and feedback capabilities are standard.
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