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Transponder & Reader Engineered Systems, Inc. is an RFID development group.  With our TRES433 Active and TRES900 Passive UHF products, it is our mission to provide the best quality, high performance and most cost-effective passive and active receiver and tags and credential solutions for our Integrators in a variety of industries. 

From Access Control to Asset Tracking, Perimeter Security to Parking Gate Control we build the products for many of your applications.  Whether you have Personnel Tracking or Supply Chain projects, our products do the job you want them to do, “they just perform!”

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  • Adjustable Read Range with Directional Interrogation Field
  • Simultaneous RS232 Serial and Industry Standard
    26-Bit Wiegand outputs
  • For Indoor or Outdoor Use with IP65 Rated and UV Resistant Housing
  • Several hundred successful installations and satisfied customers
  • Power Supply, Mount Hardware and Documentation included


  • Easy installation with NEMA 4 enclosure
  • Power efficient (100mA) and ideal for solar applications
  • Omni-directional built-in etched antenna with a 40’ diameter zone
  • Optional extended read range (up to 150’) with external circular polarized or omni-directional whip antenna
  • Automatic integrated read range capable