Tres900 reader


The TRES900 reader is value engineered to meet your most demanding applications for asset and personnel monitoring, vehicle ID and supply chain management.  Our integrated antenna design means simple installation and functionality in a single, low profile design.  TRES900 is environmentally sealed and IP65 rated allowing for indoor and outdoor installations with a UV resistant housing. Upgradeable firmware allows for protocol expansion and feature upgrades. High gain antenna for maximized read ranges. DSP (digital signal processing) for multi tag anti-collision capabilities. Our TRES900 has multi-reader synchronization for interference reduction.



  • TRES900-OPTO-ISOL; Inline optical Wiegand isolation module

  • TRES900-WIE-232A; Data convertor, Wiegand to HID RS232, 2 ports

  • TRES900-WIE-BUFR; Buffer, Wiegand to Wiegand module, 5-45 seconds, single port

  • TRES900-PS12035; Power supply, filtered, regulated, 12 VDC @ 3A

  • TRES900-ISO/WS-HLDR; adhesive backed multi-tag holder for windshield use

  • TRES900-ISO/CS-HLDR; lanyard style multi-tag holder for ISO tags and TRES433 CS tags

  • TRES900-LANYARD-CUSTOM; Silk screened TRES lanyard 5/8” x 36”, plastic hook, snap-apart

  • TRES900-SAMPLE TAG; Kit, includes HT-600G, ISOM, WS421G, WS421CLR, HLT1240, Holders (2), lanyard

  • TRES900-DEMO-TRVL; travel demo kit, includes case, 900 reader, power supply, tripod, sample tags

Stealth (click for more info)

Stealth (click for more info)

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Viper (Click for more info)


Tres900 CREDenTIALS & tags

With our TRES900 you can read our tags and transmit the tag data to your controller using either industry standard 26-bit Wiegand and/or RS232 depending on the data line connections. Because we program the data directly into our TRES900 EPC/G2 tags and credentials our output of industry standard 26-bit wiegand does away with the need for conversion modules or translation tables.

Take advantage of the wide variety of form factors, lower costs and quick order turn-around with our tags to fit the most demanding needs of your customers.